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Aboriginal and other priority populations

This program develops culturally appropriate, accessible, and innovative approaches to prevent or treat alcohol or other drug problems among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other priority populations. Founded on longstanding partnerships with these communities and services across Australia, focus is on culturally appropriate and relevant work.


Current research includes:

  • A Centre of Research Excellence in Indigenous Health and Alcohol (‘CRE’) that creates further opportunities to recruit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to find solutions to alcohol problems through research. This NHMRC-funded centre builds capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars to lead the way in alcohol research. The CRE brings together cultural, community, health service, research and policy expertise. To date the CRE has mentored 9 postgraduate research students, 3 early career researchers and 3 trainees, all of whom are Aboriginal.

  • We have designed a world-first iPad App that has been shown to be an accurate and acceptable tool to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples describe what they drink. This ‘Grog Survey App’ also provides tailored feedback (brief intervention) based on each person’s survey responses.

  • This cluster randomised trial examines a model of support for 22 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled primary care services around alcohol care.

  • Several studies are identifying the need for treatment for alcohol use disorders in the NSW prison system, and if there are ways to better meet any unmet need.

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